Command Center

Dragonfly Engineering is able to design, develop, and support your UAV command center needs.

We believe in multi-layered platform for command.  This allows for remote operations, field stations and command centers.  This multilayered system setup will enable field operation to function with the aid of direct mobile supervision and enhanced command control over the operation.  These levels of control range from a single control to multi-screen systems at the command center.

Centralized Drone Operations Management Solution for Police, Search & Rescue (SAR), Firefighter and Security Services – MUST enable precise situation assessment, decision making and effective management to the teams on the ground.

When looking at and comparing command center platforms bare-in-mind that the ideal platform should meet the following criteria:

ONSITE – Drone pilots operate the drone, providing data of drone’s location and live video to the Command Center via a Secure Connection.

COMMAND CENTER – Operators can track real-time position of drone(s), mark points of interest for detailed onsite investigation or take manual control over drone(s) and their camera.

VIDEO STREAM – Live video streams from an unlimited number of drones being displayed and the command center operator is able to take manual control over camera of the selected drone(s).

MAPPING – Desktop Geo-referenced image processing software should be able to create 2D maps in-field without internet connections.

SECURE DATA TRANSFER – Enable complete data security.  All components should be deployed in a private network to transfer data over a secure connection (preferably no internet required).

EASY INTEGRATION – Centralized drone management solutions should be easily integrated with existing Enterprise Command Center Infrastructure.

DATA STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT – Flight logs, videos and equipment usage data should be stored for detailed incident investigation and planning of equipment’s maintenance.

NO VENDOR LOCKS – Enabled support for diverse vendors most popular UAV models.  Also the centralized drone management solution should have no vendor lock and support for compatible drones.