Welcome to Dragonfly Engineering.  Design house of custom military-spec UAV, ROV & Drone solutions.  No matter if it’s in the Sea, Air, Land or multipurpose we can engineer your specific solution.


We use a variety of tried & tested materials and inhouse engineering of air, land & water frames.  Coupled with specific controllers, custom built pilot controls to command centers (portable & fixed), tailored to meet your environmental needs and specs for your vehicle.


We are Dragonfly Engineering. Whether you are looking for a custom Drone, ROV or UAV capable of carrying out very specific missions with extreme flight times or payloads on Land, Air or Sea we can help.  From Search & Rescue to Counter Terrorism we are more than capable of engineering a solution to meet your every need.


Dragonfly Engineering

Contact us at either of the following numbers closest to you:

+1-417-300-4354 United States of America

+27-72-013-2420 Republic of South Africa

+1-345-321-6633 Cayman Islands